The Priestess of Light Oracle

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While the quality of the cards is questionable, thin and papery, the guidance found in the meanings is legit. The physical cards themselves are easily bent and take a moment to straighten. Also, there is one card I have removed, number sixteen, as I feel it only serves to confuse the majority of people and have no use for it personally.

The art on the deck is okay, not the best out there but also not the worst. The guidebook includes the keywords printed on the cards themselves, the meaning of the card and an affirmation assigned to each card correlating to the meaning of the card. The author has stated the cards are best used for predictive purposes, significant inner change and outer manifestations however I have found them to be best used for guidance regarding what an individual should be working on at the present moment in their lives and / or spiritual journey.

This deck is beginner friendly and contains no invocations, spells, etc. if you choose to buy them for a beginner practitioner.

Artists: Sandra Anne Taylor & Kimberly Webber

Publisher: Hay House

Originally Published: April 6th, 2021

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