The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Thankfully I bought this deck quite a while after it was released and did not experience the issues people who bought early experienced and the company has since worked those problems out. This is an absolutely beautiful tarot deck. The card stock used is high quality and fairly thick, they have held their shape perfectly with no bending or damaged corners. The only technical complaint I have is the cards try to stick together a bit even after a few months of use but this is a minor issue compared with problems I have found with other decks.

The artwork contains all of our favorite characters. By far this is my favorite wheel of fortune card I have found in any tarot deck, it makes me smile every time I see it. The suits have been changed to fit the theme of the deck. Cups have become Potions, Wands have become Candles, Swords have become Needles, and Pentacles have become Presents. This may bother traditionalists however I don’t mind and find it fun. The accompanying guidebook is full color and includes upright and reversed meanings for every card.

Overall the deck feels like the artists have taken their time and put their care into the creation of this deck. Based on the guidebook I would say yes, this deck can be used by beginners however without the book they may have issues as the original symbology does not exist in this artwork.

Brand: Disney

Publisher: Insight Editions

Originally Published: September 15, 2020

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