The Enchanted Map Oracle

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I love this deck, from the moment I opened it I loved this deck. It’s energy is high and it’s messages are plain. The cards themselves are a bit flimsy however it will not bother me to have to replace it from use one day. The finish is high gloss which isn’t my favorite though it does make for easy shuffling.

The art and the messages go hand in hand which is not always the case with oracle cards. The cards are numbered which is also not my preference. I have found the deck is good for pulling daily focal points.

The ease of use and connection between the imagery and messages make this deck good for both beginners and highly intuitive readers.

Artists: Colette Baron-Reid (author) & Jena Dellagrottaglia-Maldonado (artist)

Publisher: Hay House Inc

Originally Published: October 6th, 2011

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