Supernatural Tarot

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This tarot deck is based on the TV show Supernatural. The cards are fairly thick and easy to shuffle but they do like to stick together sometimes. Clients definitely enjoy the deck and I find the familiarity of the characters can assist in their feeling connected to a reading versus a classic deck with images that mean little to nothing to them personally.

All major characters are referenced at some point in the artwork. The traditional suits of the minor arcana have been changed to fit the theme of the show. Cups have become Goblets, Wands have become Bones, Swords have become Blades, and Pentacles have become Pentagrams. If you’re purchasing this deck as a gift you should be aware this alteration of the suits may bother traditional tarot readers.

The accompanying guidebook is well written. Every card containing a character from Supernatural also contains a comparison of the character’s deeds and/or personality which corresponds to the card’s meaning which may actually help fans to learn tarot.

Overall this is an all ages, all skill level affordable deck.

Artists: Minerva Siegel (text) & Matthew Skiff (artwork)

Publisher: Insight Editions

Originally Published: April 27th, 2021

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