Star Dragons Oracle

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This 33 card oracle deck is absolutely beautiful. I’ve seen a few dragon themed tarot and oracle decks and have never bought them as the art was cheesy or downright strange looking, that is not the case with this deck at all. The cards are on the thin side however they are coated and do shuffle easily.

There is a guidebook included in five languages: English, Italiano, Español, Português, and Русский. For each card there is a Wisom of the Herald meaning, a Wisom of the Dragon meaning, a Stardragon Invocation, an included constellation, as well as a specific star named. The deck is made up of two parts, the main deck (28 cards) and the Generals deck (5 cards), it is up to you whether you pull from the two parts independently or together.

This is not a feel good positive vibes only type of deck, it tends to be rather serious and can even be described as heavy. Overall I do not recommend it for beginners or those out of touch with their own intuition.

Artists: Rachel Paul (text) & Paolo Barbieri (artwork)

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo

Originally Published: March 25th, 2021

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