Spiritual Terminology

This is a list of words you may come across when researching various “alternative” religions during your spiritual journey.

Affirmation – Affirmations are declarations of our highest goals often used in manifesting and self healing meditations. Repeating these declarations are said to help take them into our subconscious minds where our brains will accept them as fact and guide our day to day behavior accordingly. Affirmations are meant to align our physical body with our spirit and speak to the Universe.

Astral Projection – An instant projection of your spirit to a location within the spirit realm is the simplest explanation. The spirit temporarily leaves the living body to travel, either to a specific point or to wander. This projection is most often a conscious effort fueled by meditation however there are many accounts of people accidentally astral projecting in their sleep.

Bi-location – This word describes the ability of the spirit to be in more than one place at a time. This feat is not achievable in the physical world.

Birth Sign – The astrological sign the sun was in at the time you were born. This is also known as the Sun sign in astrology.

Discarnate Spirit – A spirit without flesh, most commonly called a ghost.

Exorcism – The driving out of an unwanted spirit or entity

Faith – Complete confidence in a deity, god, person, prayer, etc.

Feng shui – A traditional Chinese practice which claims to use energy forces to harmonize people with their surrounding environment by arranging architecture, furniture, objects, plants, etc. in such a way as to achieve balanced qi.

Ghosts – Discarnate human spirits that have been stranded on Earth for a variety of reasons.

Healer – A person who directly channels healing energies and directs them towards someone in need of healing, whether that be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing. Healers can be found in most religions and their practices vary widely.

Karmic Lesson – A karmic lesson is a lesson chosen by your spirit prior to birth in order to experience and learn something that will advance your spirit in its next incarnation.

Kindred Spirit / Kindred Soul – Kindred spirits should not be mistaken as soulmates. Kindred spirits are people with a deep and undefinable love that comes without shared experiences or even time together. You may see this person and immediately recognize them as one of your own. We each have many kindred spirits we come across in life, some may stay on our path a single day, while others will journey with us forever, even crossing lifetimes and incarnations.

Levitation – The phenomenon in which an object or the human body is physically elevated and suspended in the air without the use of tools or devices.

Lucid Dream – A type of dream where an individual is aware they are dreaming. During a lucid dream you may gain some control over the dream state.

Mandala – Originating from Sanskrit the word means magical, holy, or sacred circle. It is meant to represent wholeness. This geometric configuration of symbols put together in a circle is used in many spiritual traditions. A mandala is a tool often employed for focusing attention, establishing a sacred space, aiding in meditation, calming the mind, and inducing a trance like state.

Meditation – Meditation is the use of various techniques to reach a heightened state of awareness, mental clarity or an emotionally stable state.

NDE (Near Death Experience) – When a human experiences clinical death, however upon being revived the individual has vivid recollections of their spirit having left their physical body, oftentimes traveling to other spiritual realms or meeting with family that has passed before them. Experiences vary widely and seem to be influenced by ones religious or spiritual beliefs at the time of the near death experience.

Omen – A sign believed to be sent by God or the Universe with prophetic significance, whether positive or negative.

Pilgrimage – Usually refers to traveling to a sacred place, shrine, or altar important to a persons religion and faith. It can also be used when describing a difficult patch during a spiritual journey.

Prayer – Communication on a personal level with a Higher source. Techniques, ideology, and causes vary widely across religions and individuals.

Psychokinesis – Organic, deliberate use of the brain to consciously move or manipulate inanimate objects without physical touch or devices.

Reiki – A Japanese form of energy healing. Practitioners use what is called palm healing or hands on healing, transferring universal energy through the palms of the practitioner to the receiver, encouraging either physical or emotional healing.

Reincarnation – The belief that the human spirit moves on from the death of the physical body, returning to recurring lifetimes in a variety of circumstances and bodies for the purpose of learning karmic lessons which eventually allows the spirit to fully ascend.

Remote Viewing – A mental skill that allows someone to perceive and describe details about a specific item or location which they are separated from by time, distance and/or a physical barriers.Historically remote viewing experiments have been criticized heavily due to a lack of proper scientific controls and a failure in repeating experiments successfully.

Rune Stones – A small stone, crystal, stick, or piece of bone marked with a rune and used for divination.

Sleep Paralysis – A state achieved while a person is just waking or falling asleep during which they cannot move or speak. While this alone can be panic inducing, hallucinations may often accompany the paralysis causing an all out panic episode. The sleep paralysis itself typically lasts no more than a few moments at most however the panic / fear state can linger much longer.

Spirit Animal – A spirit animal is a guide that comes in the form of an animal and has a personal message or lesson for an individual.

Theology – The systematic study of the nature of the divine, God and religious belief as an academic discipline rather than as a matter of faith.

Woke – The state of being aware of something the masses generally are not.

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