1) Black Seeded Simpson (Lettuce) by far the best lettuce I have had or grown, it bolts fast when it’s over 100, from the label: Crisp textured loose heads have broad light-green, frilled and crumpled leaves with a delicate flavor. Sow directly where you want them to grow, the roots are super sensitive, it says thinly at a depth of 1/4 inch in rows 12 inches apart but I just threw them out there, sprinkled soil over them and let them do their thing. Container friendly, full sun, 45 days to harvest.

2) Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard – my dogs always got to these before my mom could, I don’t eat it. Package says 8-10 inch stalks and tolerant to heat. Sow seeds at 1/4 inch as soon as the ground can be worked, 50 – 60 days to harvest.

3) Start indoors in December for earliest planting. About 75 days to first harvest after they are in the ground, indeterminate variety. Very dark purple which means it is super rich in anthocyanins. Unripe the fruit are a glowing purple amethyst color, when ripe anywhere that had been shaded will turn a deep dark red, areas of the fruit receiving direct sunlight can turn such a deep purple they are almost black. Personally I am not a fan and only continued to grow them for the color.

4) I only ever needed to grow one, I killed this thing probably 20 times and a little care brought it back every time, it was such a hardy plant when I moved a neighbor came and dug it up because he called it a zombie plant and asked if he could have it.

5) Careful with this one, the bastard won’t die or go away, you will have dill in your garden every year for life if you let just one plant go to seed.

6) Okra – Clemson Spineless #80 – Best picked at 3 inches in length.

7) Tongues of Fire bushing bean – looks amazing but never got to try and because someone stole the whole damn plant.

8) Sugar baby watermelon, they vine huge ass vines for just a couple fruit and everything the package says is a lie however these are the best watermelon I have grown.

9) Purple lady bok choy

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