Don’t forget, I trusted you first, with everything, why shouldn’t your trust be broken too?

Our relationship started Halloween of 2016 and Sarah said she was done March 18th, 2023. The very next day (March 19th, 2023) at the beach she began implanting suicidal idealization knowing I am constantly suicidal anyway. She told me if I really wanted to kill myself I would walk into the ocean, people do it all the time. Over the last couple of weeks she has said increasingly cruel things, yes, I do believe in the hope I will try to kill myself again… well if you’re reading this I have and her part in my death should be investigated. I do believe you will find plenty of evidence below to show that Sarah lies, uses and manipulates people until they no longer serve a purpose to her.

Jeremy – That $50 you gave her to go get taco bell? Should have asked for your change bro, she pocketed the cash and used the Amex so you got to pay for it twice, plus interest. This one is actually in text and posted in the screenshots.
Remember Willie and Tucker and you on speaker talking about the tax shit in the office? Sarah recorded over twenty minutes of it after talking to Russ. Yeah she hates him so much right? She’s still talking to him about you, guess that means she hates you more.

Kim – The Vegas picture really annoyed her, and yes I have heard about your “perversions” she has come across in your room. She judges you for everything then turns around and says how much she loves you.

Who knows who else she is telling. When she had Ava recently the american express wasn’t working so Ava wanted Takis and Sarah put them on her own card and made Ava give her $5 for them… she was so proud of that $5 and how she’d made a profit off it.

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