Reading Matches – Is Someone Out To Get You?

Has someone hexed you or attempted to? Is someone simply trash talking you or wishing ill upon you? Are you being paranoid about a simple turn of the wheel of fortune and a streak of bad luck? This is an easy way to begin the process of investigation… or see if there is anything to concern yourself with at all.


Wooden Match Sticks

Bowl (anything but plastic with a wide enough surface to toss the matches in)

Water (any water, tap water is fine)


Put water in the bowl on a flat surface. No fans should be running in the room this is being done in. Remove two matches from the box. While holding them together strike them and lightly toss them into the water. Wait until they are no longer moving to read the positions of the matches.

Reading the Matches:

If the matches have drifted apart and are in no way touching one another you are perfectly safe, no one is even truly wishing ill upon you at this time.

If the tips of the matches are touching (top or bottom) one of two things have happened… there is someone wishing you ill with intent behind it or someone has taken a shot at hexing you and it has failed. You may want to cleanse your area and yourself but this is purely to make you feel better, you’re fine.

If the matches have landed crossed someone has successfully attacked an aspect of your life whether it be with witchcraft or purely through manifested intent. You should do protection work, cleanse your home as well as your own energy, and depending on your own beliefs a return to sender type spell or ritual.

But What If…

Only one match lit? The matches broke while you struck them? The matches won’t strike at all? One match landed outside the bowl? Try up to three times, if all three attempts are unsuccessful have the common sense to listen to your guides and find another method.

What if I want to toss the matches in separately? As long as you strike them at the same time I see no harm in using either method.

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