This is a simple method to discover if anyone is standing against you. Many people have learned variations of this “game” as children from peers and elders alike, no single version is right or wrong in my opinion, simply different. The idea behind laying the cards face down is to keep your own reaction from influencing the cards every time you do see an ace. Seeing an ace anywhere in a pile other than on the ninth card is meaningless with this method.

You may use regular playing cards or tarot cards for this method. If you choose to use tarot cards remove the major arcana before beginning.

To begin, shuffle your cards with the question of “Am I under attack spiritually?” and when you feel ready lay out three piles of nine cards each, face down so that the last card of the pile is the ninth card. Now flip the top card of each pile and see how many aces turn up.

The number of total aces which show up is what we are reading here.

Zero aces means you’re in the clear, no one is actively wishing you ill.

One ace means someone is running their mouth negatively about you, but there is nothing to worry about, they have not actually done anything but talk at this point. There is spellwork you may do regarding the binding of tongues against you and you may feel better if you cleanse your energy and space but at this point it is just talk, you are okay.

Two aces means someone has been fooling around with weak magic, they have sent something but it is nothing you cannot rid yourself of with a simple cleanse or a good laugh.

Three aces means someone with actual skill has sent something with power behind it. You need to cleanse yourself, ward your property, and I would have to suggest a protection jar and return to sender type ritual however you do you and what you are comfortable with.