Paid Reading Options

Please note, you can always find a free card pull on tiktok @newercreation

Free readings will be completed as I am able, paid readings will be completed within 72 hours. If for any reason I cannot complete a paid reading within 72 hours you will be refunded, contacted and told when to expect my return.

All full readings are handled directly via email and up to a 3 minute video on TikTok @newercreation titled only “Full Reading For” and an identifier you will be informed of in the email. I want you to have a record of your reading. Your reading will also be posted here on the website with all identifying information removed.

Once your reading has been delivered refunds are not available. If your reading has not been completed you may request and will be granted a refund.

Payment Process

1) Select the reading type you would like from the options below.

2) Send payment via your chosen processor:

Venmo: @newercreation

CashApp: $newercreation

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and PayPal accepted by direct contact only. PayPal will be handled via direct invoice. Please provide the email you wish the invoice or wallet address to be sent to.

3) Fill out the form at the bottom of this page, email correspondence will come from or send a DM directly wherever you found us.

Reading Types

Donation Based Reading

Send any donation of at least $1 to Venmo or Cashapp and submit your question. I will choose the appropriate deck as well as the spread type according to your question and my intuition. Most readings are a 3 card spread using tarot cards, if you prefer oracle cards please say so.

$100 – Talk to Me

This is for when life is chaotic. I want you to vent to me. Let it all out. Tell me what’s wrong and what’s right. Don’t censor yourself, language does not offend me. After you have nothing more to say I will form your questions for you and allow Spirit to pick the decks to be used.

Used only to contact you directly, it is not stored in our database and we send no newsletters out.
Please Note: We do not conduct readings regarding death, time of death, health, illness, or fertility. Don’t ask the cards if you’re pregnant, be brave and get a proper test. No, we cannot give you the next winning lottery numbers. No, we cannot solve crimes. No, we cannot find lost objects. No, we cannot tell the future nor do we claim to be able to. We do not talk to the dead. We offer guidance, focal points, to reach a possible outcome. Never forget, you are in control of your destiny.