Tarot and Divination

Divination is the art of connecting with and channeling your higher self, spirit guides, angels, demons, ancestors, deities etc. respective of each individuals beliefs. Here I explore some forms of divination with an emphasis on the idea you always follow your own intuition.

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Manifestation is essentially bringing your dreams to life using the power of intent, the law of attraction, belief, your words etc. In the following articles you will find advice and techniques regarding all things manifestation.

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Shadow Work

Explore and begin healing that which is integrated in your subconscious using creative writing prompts and working your way to freedom from triggers. Integrating the shadow self is a vital tool for those seeking peace in their own day to day life as well as those looking to raise their personal vibration in a permanent way.
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Spiritual Terminology

How new are you to this journey? Here are some frequently used terms you will come across and may want to know.

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Spirit Animals

When animals cross our paths with a lesson or blessing it is commonly called a spirit animal.

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While a white candle and rosemary can be great in a pinch there are many ingredients which will prove to be downright magical when used together

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Depending on your practice and core beliefs moon phases may or may not matter to you, here is a simple guide to all phases in order

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Deck Reviews

I buy a lot of decks, both Tarot and Oracle, on this page you’ll see which lived up to my standards and which did not.

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Books and oracle decks created by Reba and released by NewerCreation via Amazon.com and thegamecrafter.com.

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