Moonology Oracle

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The cards themselves are a bit on the thin side and tend to stick together. They do have a matte finish that shows up well in videos. These cards are a client favorite in spite of the often vague or contradictory messages. I opened the book at random here to give you an example:

New Moon in Pisces “Meditate and Contemplate” – under the main meaning of the card we get “This card speaks of dreams and romance, of soulmates and poetry. It suggests there’s a new start coming your way that’s connected to a matter that leaves you feeling somewhere between having your head in the clouds and being in a totally altered state.” directly to “There could be confusions and disappointment…” like uhhh ok. Then under additional meanings we get “Face your fears” – “This situation is being healed” – “it’s time to surrender to the divine (with a chant)” – “Avoid being deceptive or willingly deceived” … there is no solid meaning to this card, it can be whatever you want it to be, and that is not what I’m looking for in any deck. If we read through to the teaching the meaning changes again.

The artwork is beautiful and deserved better card stock as well as a more focused author.

Overall no I would not recommend this deck for beginners and only to experienced readers very in tune with their own intuition who wish to make social media clients happy as it is a very popular deck there.

Artists: Yasmin Boland & Nyx Rowan

Publisher: Hay House UK

Originally Published: September 25th, 2018

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