Whisper Manifestation

This method is purely a visualization method, there are no other components to this manifestation technique. If you are not able to visualize this method may not work out very well for you, not that you can’t try, just a heads up. When using this method keep in mind when you are doing anything that influences another person the line between positive and negative can be extremely thin. Are you telling a married individual to leave their life? Is that fair? Are you trying to force someone to love you? Won’t you always wonder if they actually love you? Consider your manifestation carefully before attempting this method.

Personally I have used this method in regards to three individuals in different situations. The first I have had success with over and over again. I have a mentally ill cousin who likes to go no-contact, I have asked this person to come out of their own darkness long enough to tell me they are alright. Within minutes said cousin will text or call me even when we haven’t been speaking for extended lengths of time.

The second individual is another relative that is currently struggling with addiction, not once has this method seemed to do any good in regards to her.

The third individual was a supervisor punishing me by shorting my hours. I used this method to request forgiveness and encourage the person to give me all available hours. That was a mistake. The manifestation worked too well, I ended up quitting the job six months later because I was working 90 hour weeks and that supervisor refused to stop calling me in, it seemed I’d become her go to person whenever anyone else called off. Attempting to manifest less hours after it got to this point did not work, I was on speed dial and the supervisor was not moving me down the list no matter what I said. Always be mindful when manifesting.

To start take a moment to clear your mind and focus. As with all manifestations, set your intent, feel it clearly, know exactly what you want, see the outcome you desire. You are going to envision your person exactly where you believe they might physically be in the moment. It is okay if you get their current location incorrect, you are simply seeking their energy.

In your vision cross the room to this person, they cannot see you, this is your vision. You are essentially spirit in this place. Stand before this person, lean in and whisper in their ear three times what it is that you want them to do. Kiss above their third eye and walk away again before releasing the vision. Now go about your day as normal.

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