Elemental Manifestation

This manifestation technique uses the elements of water, air, earth and fire. Ideally, with this method, you will let your written manifestation sit overnight in the water you have verbally told your manifestation to before returning the components used to the earth. Repeat at minimum 3 times, at maximum 9 times. Please read the full article before jumping in or contacting with questions.


  • Torn piece of scrap paper, all edges should be torn, not cut, should large enough to hold your manifestation on one side
  • Black sharpie or other permanent ink (color corresponding to your manifestation is fine so long as it is water proof)
  • Glass for water (glass not plastic)
  • Water (any type will do including moon water)
  • Lighter or matches
  • Patch of Earth
  • A clear mind and focused intent

Step By Step:

  1. Clear your mind, focus on your intent, word your manifestation. Feel what it feels like to live in this new reality.
  2. Fill your glass with water.
  3. Clearly write your carefully worded manifestation on the paper (see below). Do not complete the statement with any punctuation.
  4. Sign or print your name and your full birthday beneath the manifestation.
  5. Completely submerge this written manifestation in the glass of water.
  6. Take a moment to really feel what you will feel when this manifestation comes to pass, now out loud tell the water your manifestation, word for word what you have written down. Whisper or speak regularly, whatever you are comfortable with.
  7. Place the glass of water under, beside or near your bed, the point is you want it to be in your energy field as you sleep.
  8. Upon awakening remove the written manifestation from the water and set aside to air dry.
  9. Pour the water onto the earth. No, not a potted plant. No, not your concrete driveway. Onto the ground itself, even if all you have is a dirt patch by a utility meter, it is still the earth.
  10. Go about your day as normal. When it has had time to fully dry return to the written manifestation and burn it. You may use an ashtray or anything glass to hold the burning paper. Go outside with the ashes and release them into the wind. If there is no wind simply dump them into your dry palm and blow them into the air yourself.


How should I word my manifestation? In the present tense, statements beginning with “I am”, “I have”, “I’m at”, “I’m working” etc. As an example rather than manifesting “I want to go to Harvard” use “I am a student at Harvard with a full scholarship” – the universe and yourself are aware you want to go to Harvard, there is no need to manifest this idea, now let both know you are at Harvard.

What time should I start this? Any time of day or night so long as you sleep beside it at least one cycle, regardless of when you sleep.

Why do I have to use glass instead of plastic? Energy flow.

What name do I use? My legal name is not the name I go by. In all things follow your intuition first. Do you really believe the universe cares for human legalities? Use the name you use for yourself in your own mind.

Can I put the water in another vessel to transport to a place I can return it to the earth? Unfortunately modern life has left many of us living in concrete jungles and carrying around a glass full of water could certainly be problematic. Yes, you may transfer to any other container for transportation, however I must say I do believe results are best when it is on your own property. Can you find the tiniest patch of ground anywhere? Potted plants are not the same, yes there is dirt however it is not presently connected to the earth itself. Perhaps around a meter, under a crawl space, bushes along a sidewalk, a patch of grass… if all else fails, transport the water to your nearest park.

Can I do this more than once? I suggest repeating the entire process at least 3 consecutive cycles and up to 9 nights in a row. You are telling the universe exactly what you want and it hears you the first time but humans are ritualistic beings and getting the manifestation deep into yourself is every bit as important as telling the universe. If you need to repeat the same manifestation more than 9 times to feel the new reality you may wish to consider the manifestation is not for you or perhaps the wording is off.

My manifestation will come in 3 to 9 days? At no point did I say this. If you are in the middle of highschool manifesting to be at this or that college is most likely not going to happen in a week.

May I do this for multiple manifestations at a time? I would not.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact.

Have you had success with this method?

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