Daily Crystal Inspiration

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This oracle deck has an overall peaceful energy about it which I definitely seek in my favorite decks. The card stock is high quality and the cards have definitely retained their shape, the only negative in my opinion is the high glare. The images are crystal clear pictures of each crystal on a solid white background.

The guidebook is clearly written, including a meaning of the card rather than a description of the crystal which I have seen in other crystal themed oracle decks. Rather than numbering the cards the book simply goes in alphabetical order which I appreciate as clients have a habit of assigning meanings to the card numbers on oracle decks which were not always intended. Core questions for each card give the reader the opportunity to reflect on the cards meanings and how it applies to to life. Finally an affirmation and small exercise are included for each card in the crystal action section.

This deck is easy to use and to understand with minimal intuition required, it would be suitable for both beginners and seasoned readers.

Artist: Heather Askinosie

Publisher: Hay House Inc.

Originally Published: May 12, 2020

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