Charm Casting

Charm casting is an easy form of intuitive divination for both beginners and seasoned oracles alike. Similar to bone casting or rune casting charm casting is to cast a set of charms over a casting spread or in a casting box and read how the charms fall. Wait – whoa – what? Let’s break it down into steps.

First you will need to build your set. The idea is to collect small “charms” which hold significance to you until you have a charm casting set. These can be any small object you feel an intuitive connection to. How many pieces should your set include? As many as necessary to build a well rounded set covering the many facets of everyday life, there is no fixed number.

While it is possible to buy charm casting kits, I highly suggest creating your own from objects you own or have found. Are you crafty? Create your own objects. If you absolutely must buy to get your set started (I had to) then at the very least buying in bulk and picking and choosing once you can hold the object and determine your connection is still superior to buying pre-selected charm sets in my opinion. Remember, the objects in your set need to connect to your intuition for accurate readings. Buying pre-selected or in bulk will leave you with charms you do not connect with, at least buying in bulk will give you a greater number of possible connections for a lot less money. I have put together a list of what I have purchased and the breakdown of the number of charms versus buying from Etsy on this page: Buying Bulk Charms

Now as you are building up your set each piece needs it’s own meaning assigned. While assigning these meanings there are some questions you should ask yourself. Do reversed objects have a secondary meaning? How about when one charm lands on another? Will a single object represent the inquirer? This is your tool connecting to your intuition, you set the rules entirely, especially the meanings and variances of each object.

Your charm casting set is complete and your meanings for each charm are set, now what?

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