Buying Bulk Charms

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If you’re like me and have no small children in the house and don’t often walk where you might find small charms this page is for you. Below I have listed the products I have actually purchased myself in creating my charm casting set. Below I will list the math of buying bulk versus some pre-selected sets on Etsy

First some actual charms. This set comes with 400 pieces and very few were repeats or unusable.

Personally I wanted crystals in my set but had a hard time finding any locally that were small enough to be included. The collection below came with more than I needed in both raw and tumbled stones with a huge variety. As it is a learning tool for children it also came with shark teeth and a few arrowheads.

While I do love the little silver charms I did want more color in my options and went with this set:

Buying all 3 products above will cost a total of $62.93 (before tax or shipping if you don’t have Prime) and you will have over 950 pieces to choose from. On Etsy I am seeing 50 – 60 charm scoops going for an average of $25 + shipping with the sellers saying duplicate charms are possible… to order 950 pieces from them would cost $450 + shipping. This is why I say purchase in bulk from Amazon, these small businesses are and it is your own intuitive connection to each object that counts, no one else’s.

I have also included tiny tarot cards in my personal set as I am a tarot reader, this is the deck I purchased for my charm set:

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