Books I Have Created

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IIWII: An Oracle Book

After receiving feedback from a closeted witch and seeing a friend on tiktok host a live offering yes / no answers and filling her time in between questions with ASMR coloring I combined several ideas into this book. It contains 135 yes / no / maybe answer pages, including the content of the Prompt deck entirely as well as an image of a flower or flowers on each page. IIWII stands for It Is What It Is.

If you are anything like me your actual grimoire is a work of art and you are careful about what you include in it. This blank spell book allows you to easily record up to 50 spells you create, including sections for correspondences and tools. Result pages allow you to keep track of effects and adjustments made directly after each spell so your practice remains organized.

I created this book because I needed something for all of my families pets without it being limited to a single species and could not find what I was looking for. This book allows for tracking of up to 5 pets of any species.

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