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5 Oracle Card Reading for T

I was given no question or topics and so this has been read as a general reading with the question “What does — need to hear now?” asked of each deck.

The first card asks you to reflect on your habits and adjust them accordingly. Are you adding to the quality of your life? The road ahead of you is long, but well worth it in the end. The resilience card assures you that when it is the right time you will receive guidance about beginning a new chapter in your life but for now you need to rest and focus on leisure activities. Taking this break now will help you make it through the difficulty that is coming, you are more than capable of not only making it but thriving.

The brown bear spirit card confirms the first two cards, suggesting you take a time out to rest once more. Don’t try to create just now, refresh yourself, contemplate and imagine now. Knowing exactly what you want and have set out to achieve will help you to accomplish these things once you have been clearly told it is time to begin. Have patience, find your inner peace, the call to action will come later.

The same way Alice does not hesitate to chase the white rabbit into Wonderland when an opportunity breaks through your ordinary reality you must not hesitate to grab it or it may be lost forever. Do not sit and think about it, do not question anything, simply jump and chase this opportunity just as Alice jumped and chased the rabbit.

The Rebel Deck pull is a straight forward card that I believe came out to confirm your ability to get through these troubles. You’ve got this, you’ve got this, you’ve got this… tell yourself a million times if you need to, focus on your own inner peace and know you’ve got this.

Decks Used:

Whispers of the Ocean Oracle

Alice the Wonderland

Spirit Animal Oracle


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