About Us

At NewerCreation we strive to be informative above all else, with the hope to help you raise your personal vibrations on your journey. We hold to no single religion, however, we were both raised in Christian households. We do believe in a single Creator, we do believe in prayer, in manifestation, and we do believe in gratitude. Will we discuss religion on this site? Possibly, though we do intend to focus upon divination, self-actualization, and spiritual growth… who knows where this project might go.

Background images in journal prompts and most pages come from pixabay.com.

All other images and logos are the work and intellectual property of NewerCreation. Fonts and resources for graphic design have been purchased from CreativeFabrica.com. The default tarot images in use are adapted from the Rider Waite deck by TaintedCraft on Etsy. 

NewerCreation.com is owned by Reba Flannery and Sarah Newer.

At this time readings are conducted by Reba. We do not conduct mass sales, readings are set up on a one to one basis via direct contact. Your reading will be sent directly to your email address, posted on TikTok and possibly on the website itself, anonymously of course.

We do not conduct readings regarding death, time of death, health, illness, or fertility. Don’t ask the tarot if you’re pregnant, be brave and get a proper test. No, we cannot give you the next winning lottery numbers. No, we cannot tell the future nor do we claim to be able to. We offer guidance, you are in control of your destiny. 

Both affiliate links and third party advertisements exist on NewerCreation.com. These ads are there to cover the time and cost of running a website, we do not charge you for anything found on NewerCreation.com, the information is freely given. 

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